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New year's Vietnam human hair roots



With the tips below, the girl will not have to be shy when styling for thin hair anymore. Just a few minutes, you can moult with the hair bobbing suddenly.

Everyone wants to own a thick hairy stream, but the abuse of chemicals from squeezing, bending, dyeing ... makes the hair weak and break easily. Let's take a look at some of the tips below for styling your Vietnam human hair.

The cheeks work to remove excess oil on the hair roots, scalp, make the hair dry and stiff than normal. When you sprinkle powder on the hair roots will see thick hair to see. However, do not overuse this way because chalky hair will damage the hair, causing the hair to dry and break.

New year's Vietnam human hair roots

Before going to sleep, you put a bunch of hair in the inner layer and then overnight. In the next morning, the festival will be in the folds, puffed up unexpectedly. Another advantage is to apply this often does not harm your hair.

Regularly trim the Vietnam human hair

Each time you re-trim the hair, do you notice that your Vietnam human hair will look thicker? Re-curling your hair frequently will help to remove some of the loose and dry hair that can make your already thin hair more fibrous. Thin hair should not be too long because of long hair will be heavier and reduce the bulge in the hair roots.

Wash and rinse properly

Shampooing with 2-3 times a week is ideal for healthy hair. However, thin hair is more prone to sticky hair than thick hair, so it will need more shampooing and Vietnam human hair removal tips. You should choose a shampoo with a lightening function, hair puffiness. Conditioner should only be applied to the body and tail to have soft hair but not to add oil to the scalp.

Change your hair regularly

If you are still wearing a mid-tone or off-center for the day, try changing your hairstyle tomorrow. This tip is easy to do and gives a fresh new look to your face. The 3/7 -style cut for your hair does not usually sit and slightly curl the ends of your hair to give you a flattering, classical style.

Reduce the frequency of using coconut oil

Coconut oil, which is famous for its wonderful hair care benefits, but with thin Vietnam human hair, is not the ideal choice. Coconut oil is quite heavy and makes strands of hair harder to hold the bulge. Instead of using coconut oil directly for your hair, you should use a cream that does not so much oil, but it must be strong enough to keep your hair soft and healthy.

Use your hair

After shampooing and moisturizing your hair, you can try to apply the top layer of hair to the ends of your hair and heat it for overnight. The next morning, before you go out, just remove the Vietnam human hair, spray a little glue stick and is enough to have beautiful hair like clouds all day long.


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